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Basic Research – PhD and Post-Doctoral Programs

GSK supports a number of fellowships in several PhD programs that are accessible from many prestigious Italian Universities. Successful students will be admitted to a PhD program by the participating Universities and can choose a GSK fellowship to carry out scientific research in a specific topic of bacterial or viral pathogenesis at molecular, biotechnological, immunological, cellular and bioinformatics levels. All recruited PhD students will be members of the PhD program in GSK, and will carry out research activities within the assigned research group on a defined research project under the supervision of a research staff scientist, who will act as a supervisor, and will participate in all planned activities. The enrolled PhD students will be required to attend all courses and activities organized by the Vaccines Academy as well as seminars from international academia. Attendance to at least one National/International workshop / congress / meeting is foreseen per year. Furthermore, she/he will be required to present regularly, in English, in oral presentation and poster presentation format, results of the experiments during lab meetings, and annually in progress reports for their universities and also at internal and external meetings and congresses. During the development of the PhD project the student will be required to become competent with all of the technologies required for the pursuit of their research aim. Commitment of the PhD student to research activity should be at a level to ensure at least one first-author publication before the end of the PhD program in a peer-reviewed journal.


Master in Vaccinology

Masters Program in Vaccinology and Pharmaceutical Clinical Development.